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You think you’ve got them trained not to mess around in back and then all of sudden you find a great steaming mass of crap right in the middle of your formerly nice clean code.

Having to fix things after you’ve told the client time and time again… please don’t touch this. Or please send me any updates or content you need for the website I can do it faster and there won’t be any problems. A few days later… the client is like “the site is broken and we don’t know why”. Oh let me look… hey did you add this content to the site? “Yes.” That’s why the site is broken now, please don’t do this. Wash, rinse, repeat like 5 billion times cause for some reason the concept of “Don’t touch the code” doesn’t compute even when they keep breaking their own damn site.


sorry for the rant.


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The “coffee grounds” is actually really scary and bizarre. This happened to me when my kidney’s failed (before I or anyone knew it was my kidney’s causing the problems). I was constantly throwing up then suddenly I was throwing up this dark almost black liquid. I had no idea it was from internal bleeding. The hospital staff starting to freak out. Not long after that I went into a coma for almost a week.

So yeah it’s pretty serious.

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Why r ppl always namin their pets normal human names - when else r u gonna have the chance to name something rly weird?? Like i dont see ppl bein ok w/ someone namin their kid roast beefy weefs or princess monster truck but a dog would just wear that name w/ pride u feel me

Well I do it because I don’t want to sound ridiculous calling their names to come back in the house at 2am.

I had a cat I named Bob and people thought that was weird.


Since October is quickly coming upon us, and I absolutely love Halloween Season and scary movies. I will partake in a 30 Day Halloween Movie Challenge. Here’s the list if you want to join in.

Day 1 - your first horror movie

Day 2 - the last horror movie you saw in the theater

Day 3 - favorite classic horror movie

Day 4 - a horror movie you thought you’d love and didn’t

Day5 - favorite horror remake

Day 6 - favorite vampire movie

Day 7 - a horror movie you think no one has seen

Day 8 - favorite foreign horror 

Day 9 - favorite super natural horror movie

Day 10 - horror movie every one loves but you don’t

Day 11 - favorite horror/ comedy

Day 12 - your most disturbing horror film

Day 13 - favorite zombie movie

Day 14 - favorite indie horror movie

Day 15 - favorite monster movie

Day 16 - horror film with a great soundtrack

Day 17 - favorite 80’s horror

Day 18 - favorite horror movie filmed in black and white

Day 19 - best use of gore

Day 20 - favorite horror character

Day 21 - best horror franchise

Day 22 - best death scene

Day 23 - a great quote from a horror movie

Day 24 - horror movie character that describes you

Day 25 - favorite Christmas/ holiday horror movie

Day 26 - horror movie for a chicken

Day 27 - your guilty pleasure horror movie

Day 28 - horror film you’d like to see remade/ rebooted

Day 29 - worst horror movie 

Day 30 - your favorite all time horror movie (or one of) 

I’m currently trying to end a really long and bad relationship…

with Facebook. It’s hard, just when I tell myself it’s over, I somehow keep finding myself knocking on its door wondering if there is still some kind of spark left. I know the spark is gone, but I hold out in hopes that maybe it will remember the good old days and be like it used to be. But alas those days are long gone. 

I wish I knew how to quit you.


So I work at target now and one of my favorite things to do when I hear something in the next aisle fall is to drop what I’m doing and stand at the end of that aisle like so:






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Few things make me exclaim “I love that”, these standing tortillas did however. Just a simple chicken and vegetables mixed with some Balsamic.

Sorry, I published my answer. Here's what I said: My professional training, if I could call it that, is in creative writing. But I haven’t done much of that lately, either. I’ve just had a hankering to draw Colossus realistically, but never really thought Daniel Cudmore was the best choice. He was alright, but not my favorite. Who would you have cast?

A question by giraffology

I’ll admit I don’t know too much about Colossus. So does his physical size change when he goes metallic? Either way here are my choices.

For his normal phase I could see someone like Jai Courtney, in his metallic phase I could see John Cena.