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A thought

Some people think World War 3 is going to be this massive war against some tyrant. But if you think about it, there is major turmoil happening on every continent except Antarctica. The world is currently at War. The tyrant is injustice. 

It’s not even noon yet

And I’ve read and debunked more racism today then I’ve cared to.

Think I’m done with the internet today.


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Favorite scene from Mrs. Doubtfire.

How NOT to listen to someone with depression.

I’m very sad of the death of Robin Williams, but it saddens me even more that it took his passing for more people to start talking about depression. Granted it’s good that they are talking about depression, I can only hope that it will start being taken more seriously. 

Want to help someone with depression? Then I have to ask this question.

Are you listening? Are you really listening?

Here is a list of how not to listen to someone with a depression.

  1. Try to “solve” their problem.
  2. Try to relate to their problems.
  3. Dismiss their problems in any fashion.
  4. Compare their problems to anyone or anything else.
  5. Use any language that ends the conversation before it starts.

We’re all guilty of this and doing any one of these items at some point in time. This is why those of us who suffer from depression can feel so isolated and alone. If you really want to help someone with depression then start listening… really start listening.