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You never know you have PTSD until you are triggered by an event. Almost had a panic attack when my heart started beating faster for no reason at all. Having a heart attack was pretty traumatic but now it’s hard to do anything that would increase my heart rate because I’m afraid I might have another one. 

My last checkup the doctor said everything looked good. But I think I need to schedule an appt. I would rather have him check it out and have nothing wrong, then not have it checked out and end up in the hospital again.

Conversations with my psyche

Me: Ugh it's too quiet hard for me to focus and work, I should put on some music.
*puts on music*
Me: Now I don't want to work anymore cause I can't focus with the music.

Already over this day and it hasn’t even really started yet.

It’s my fault really, I should have known better not to read emails before I had my coffee.


shout out to people who have seen you naked but you can still have regular conversations with.

Yeah, they deserve an applause.

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Really hungry but too lazy to cook so I’m eating a bunch of cereal for dinner.











Recycled tumblr humor

10k notes


pun repeated in italics

"did you just" added

supernatural gif that fits even though the post was nowhere near related to spn


comment expressing disbelief on how Supernatural has a gif for everything

Comment expressing their uttermost love for Tumblr

comment expressing utter hate for posts like these

reblogging for comment ^^

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Sometimes people need to vent, and I respect that and I want to lend an ear without having any advice to follow.

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